About Us

NOESA is a duly constituted, bona-fide Employers Organisation as contemplated by the Labour Relations Act with its head-office in Polokwane. NOESA exclusively attends to the interests of Employers in the workplace. Due to the Act and the subsequent increased pressures of Trade Unions and employees in respect of labour related issues in the workplace, Employers identified the urgent and dire need to unite under one “umbrella” with the goal to protect Employers on a collective and consolidated basis. Due to
this need, NOESA was founded in September 1997.

NOESA mainly focuses on the small / medium Businessman/Employer. Employers in all sectors ( including those covered by Bargaining Councils ) are eligible for membership to NOESA. By becoming a member of NOESA, the Employer can be placed on equal grounds with Trade Unions and employees.

NOESA employs highly qualified and motivated personnel, including law graduates and admitted attorneys with extensive experience in Labour Law who will ensure assistance and advise of the highest standard to all members. NOESA concluded favorable terms with other legal practitioners who specializes in Labour Law, to assist NOESA and members further with sound advise and if necessary, represent Employers in the Labour Court.

NOESA is a bona-fide Employers Organisation and is an association not for gain. Each Employer, who becomes a member of NOESA, is automatically entitled to give inputs regarding the affairs of NOESA.

Members also enjoy voting rights at the annual general meetings of NOESA and therefore Employers can be assured that their interests are duly attended to.

NOESA provides a wide range of labour related services including HR, IR.